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N.Y. Gyms Try To Get Up Off The Mat: Volume 3 - Fall 2020

Working On Another Victory For Justice


Below-knee amputee Amy Palmiero-Winters — who won a 2010 ESPY Award declaring her the world’s top female athlete with a disability — is suing her gym after they refused to return equipment she bought to train at the facility, according to a new lawsuit.

The professional athlete asked the gym’s owner to let her pick up her equipment, but he allegedly refused, the Nassau Supreme Court filing states.

“Ms. Palmiero-Winters’ continued exercise regimen is critical to her success as a professional athlete, mentor, and role model to other amputees as well as her own physical and emotional well-being,” wrote her attorney Norm Steiner in the suit.

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NYPD Detective forces a 13 year old girl into prostitution. Norman Steiner takes action!!


Norman Steiner

Huge Victory For Justice & Peace

On June 17, 2020, after a powerful meeting with the Queens Borough President Sharon Lee (in pic) as well as the fantastic Honorable Adrienne Adams ( NYC Council Member, not in pic) who have vowed to take on the plight of my friend and client PJ Lawson who was falsely arrested last week, falsely charged, beaten, tased and sent to the hospital. NYPD did this based on an alleged "Noise Complaint" to 311. Astounding! 

PJ was facing 7 years on account of these false charges.

Fortunately, video exists!!


On June 18, 2020, the Queens DA called to inform me that all charges have been dismissed,

!! Now it's time for the Civil Case vs. NYC !!

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