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Handling Federal, State, and High Exposure Criminal Accusations, Steiner & Fish Have a Record of Providing Outstanding Criminal Defense

A civilization will be viewed by the way it treats those accused of crimes. Often, a rush to judgement leads to errors in the investigation, prosecution, and even the judicial process.

Norm Steiner and Dave Fish have over 45 years of experience in protecting and fighting for members of the community who have been accused of serious crimes.They have successfully represented clients in extremely high profile criminal cases including charges of murder, bank robbery, rape, drug distribution, sex trafficking, and other high level state and federal charges.

A thorough understanding of police investigation tactics, DNA, fingerprints, identification errors, forced statements, and other critical components of criminal cases make Norm and Dave the gold standard for criminal defense representation. A unique approach to early involvement in the investigation, grand jury practice, motion practice, suppression hearings, and trial practice makes Steiner & Fish the right choice for protecting your rights, liberty and freedom.


A member of the community shows up for jury service and speaks his mind telling the Judge what he really thinks about the defendant. We thought free speech and being honest at jury selection was protected.  When the Judge decided to hold the juror in contempt, the firm successfully had all charges dismissed.  
See the NY Times article by clicking here.

Based on alleged prior incidents with a prior attorney and over Norm's objections, a recent client was forced to wear a mask through an entire jury trial. Despite this extremely prejudicial appearance, Norm was able to vindicate the client and received a not-guilty verdict on all charges. Read the interesting and unusual story here.


When the Daily News wanted some insight on the recently elected Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. they asked Steiner & Fish...

"It's too early to tell," said Norman Steiner, a defense lawyer who does not rank among Vance's critics, of moves to modernize the office - including structural and leadership changes to Morgenthau's hard-charging investigations bureaus. More Here

When the NY Post wanted Expert Trial Attorneys' opinions on how the TV series CSI had effected trials, they asked Steiner & Fish...

Defense lawyer Norman Steiner has seen the way “CSI” has changed criminal courtrooms.

“I remember back to the ’90s when we were doing a lot of buy and bust cases,” he said. The defense would always ask why law enforcement hadn’t looked for fingerprints on the plastic bags containing drugs, but “it never worked back then. Half the judges would sort of make a face when you were making the argument. They were like, ‘You’re crazy, no one’s going to do that on a drug case.’ The only time fingerprinting occurred was on burglary and in homicide cases, and jurors were fine with it.”

Now, Steiner said, half a prosecutor’s speech to prospective jurors explains how they “really don’t have ‘CSI’-type evidence, and ‘this isn’t ‘CSI,’ ” he said. More Here



22-Year-Old Faced Life In Prison...

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