Medical Malpractice

Millions Of Dollars In Compensation Awarded

We want to trust our health care providers. They play one of the most crucial roles in our lives. Yet, sometimes, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers drop the ball.


When we trust our lives with health care providers and they drop the ball, they have to be held accountable. The Steiner Law Firm, PLLC has successfully represented members of the community who have been injured because of medical negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured by the malpractice of a hospital, doctor, nurse or other health care provider, The Steiner Law Firm, PLLC would like to get you the compensation you deserve.

Millions Of Dollars In Compensation Awarded

A young man suffers a serious injury to his fingertip. The surgeon at the hospital inserts hardware to stabilize the fracture and sends the patient home. When the patient returns to the surgeon three days after the surgery, he is only seen by a physician's assistant who does not remove the bandages or examine the wound. When the patient returns to the surgeon a week later, the bandage is removed and the fingertip is mummified, requiring amputation of the fingertip. When the surgeon and physician's assistant maintained they did no wrong, the firm went to trial against them and received justice for the client. Click here to see the court's decision.

Nurses at a hospital neglect to properly care for an elderly patient who dying of cancer. As a result of the nurses' neglect, the patient develops bed sores and suffers for the final six weeks of his life. Realizing that these final moments should have been pain free, the firm went to battle against the hospital and obtained a large verdict.  The Hospital appealed, but the appellate court agreed with the jury and sided with the patient's surviving relatives. Click here to see the decision.

A newly Board Certified OBGYN physician failed to timely perform a Cesarean Section in what was obviously a troublesome delivery with a baby in distress. Sadly, as a result, the baby sustained serious cognitive injuries. The lawyers of The Steiner Law Firm, PLLC were called upon to conduct the investigation, research, and, most importantly, conduct the depositions of the nurses and doctors.  On the eve of trial, the defendants folded and offered significant compensation to the child.



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