Reflection on a Year of Virtual Lawyering as COVID winds down.

Having survived an unprecedented change in how law is practised, a moment of gratitude is due. Despite a lack of any jury trials and no "in person" Court appearances, The Steiner Law Firm, PLLC continued to score high settlements, win significant motions in complicated areas of law, bring large lawsuits on behalf of our client's against huge corporations and maintain close contact with our clients, courts, and adversaries. During the virtual transition the Courts, and most other practitioners, have done an outstanding job of keeping the wheels of justice rolling. Virtual appearances in Court and at Depositions have become the norm. Electronic service of documents (instead of mail) has been accepted by nearly all. Patience and understanding has generally been extended by all. There were difficult moments at first and fear justice may be irreversibly stalled. For the most part, that did not happen. We are grateful to and admire all of our colleagues who rose to the challenge and ensured the cornerstone of our great nation, equal justice for all, was still available for those who fought for it.