Uninsured Drivers: Volume 2 - Winter 2020

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It’s Fight night. You and your favorite fight fans have great seats and head out to the fights. On the drive, a teenager who thinks he’s in the Fast and the Furious Movies blows through a red light, hitting your car. You and your pals are taken to the ER. Thankfully your buddy is 100% OK and he’s released. However, you are admitted to the hospital after x-rays show that you require surgery. A week after the surgery, you go home, but you still have to go to physical therapy, get medication, and of course go to a bunch of follow up appointments with doctors after the surgery.

Think how quickly bills will rack up. Think of the compensation you are entitled to for your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Add in costs you may need to renovate your house to allow you to recover, such as adding a ramp or additional railings, buy a wheelchair if needed, and all the time you miss from work.

Drivers sometimes flee the scene, and of course it’s hard to recover money from someone when you don’t know who they are. Thankfully the kid that hit you checked on you after the accident, called for help, and even spoke with law enforcement, giving his name and information.

Obviously no amount of money can make up for all your injuries and make you whole again. At least the other’s driver’s insurance should go a long way towards paying you a substantial monetary award for all you have gone through – they have to have insurance, it’s required by state law, right? Unfortunately, drivers sometimes don’t have insurance – they lie about it, it lapses, or for some reason or another, they aren’t covered. Again, thankfully, the Vin-Diesel-wannabe that hit you has valid insurance. Nothing to worry about here, you think, but wait.

Unfortunately, the kid’s parents have minimum coverage as required by New York State law, which is only $25,000. Yes, $25,000. If two people are injured, the minimum coverage increases to $50,000…or still $25,000 each. You have heard of people that sustained similar injuries to yours and received hundreds of thousands of dollars. How can this be? Unfortunately, it’s the sad truth. We have often had to explain to our clients who were catastrophically injured that the maximum insurance available is only $25,000.00. That’s not the place you want to be when your injuries have a value of 20 times that amount. How do you protect yourself from other drivers that have low policies?

Thankfully, your insurance has an add-on option, available. It’s called underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage covers what the other driver’s insurance does not cover. Let’s say you carry a $500,000 underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage rider. That will cover your injuries. In other words, you are buying insurance from your motor vehicle insurance carrier to cover you in the event the driver of the other car doesn’t have enough. It’s usually a very cost-efficient addition to your policy. In my mind, it is an absolute must.

Now, you are reading this and thinking “I’ve never heard of this. My insurance agent or the website never mentioned it.” That is probably correct. Remember – an insurance agent’s job is to sell you insurance, not to look out for your best interests. Our mission at Steiner & Fish P.C. is to protect our clients and future clients. I want to get the word out about underinsured/uninsured coverage, to make sure that everyone is aware of this, and make sure everyone is covered as much as possible. Call your insurance broker today and ask about underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. If heaven forbid you have an accident that results in a serious injury to yourself or a loved one, you’ll be glad you carry this.

If you have questions about this type of coverage or anything else in the auto accident world – call my office or browse my website, and I’m happy to help.


Norm Steiner is a true believer in the inspiring quote: "So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great good fortune." -Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For the past 23 years, Norm has devoted his entire legal career to ensuring Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s words ring true to his clients. His clients are often facing the most difficult time in their lives - suffering from catastrophic injuries or seemingly impossible criminal cases. Norm understands and cares about the impediment the client is facing. Turning the circumstances around, providing the finest representation and hopefully assisting the client in putting the circumstances behind them - as they grow from the experience and move forward with their lives - is the greatest good fortune and reward.

Norm’s nearly 25 years in the legal community began as an intern at one of the city’s finest Criminal Defense Firms. He was next hired as a Staff Attorney at The Public Defender’s Office for New York City. Having obtained constant trial and suppression hearing victories Norm was promoted to a Senior Staff Attorney and then Trial Trainer. After surviving his own near fatal catastrophic injury collision, Norm decided to protect the rights of other injured victims and was immediately hired as a trial attorney by the then leading Personal Injury Firm in NYC. At the firm Norm was a trial attorney on Medical Malpractice and Toxic Tort injury cases. Norm remains a highly sought-after trial attorney for many NYC Personal Injury firms.

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