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Over the last few years, there have been concerted efforts, on the part of local authorities, to reduce the number of pedestrian knockdown incidents occurring throughout New York State. Unfortunately, the results have been less than encouraging. There are thousands of these accidents every year, and while not all of them result in serious injury, many of them do. If you have been knocked from your feet as a pedestrian when you're minding your own business, you must understand the issues it can cause. For those who are seeking damages as a result of an incident like this, it's crucial that you bring in a pedestrian accident attorney who can help you get a worthwhile outcome. At The Steiner Law Firm, PLLC, our personal injury lawyers are enormously experienced when it comes to pedestrian knockdown cases, so you simply sit back, relax, and let us get down to work. For some insights into the service we provide for these cases, simply read on below.

Basic Elements

If you think that you have a pedestrian accident case on your hands, you need to be able to prove negligence on the part of the offending party. The defendant – whether a vehicle driver or somebody else – was neglecting their responsibilities, and the behavior they exhibited led to damage to you. In general, this must result in an actual injury of some type, with the defendant's actions being a substantial factor in that outcome. Every case is different, but these are the most common factors that result in pedestrian knockdown cases in the state of New York.

Vehicle Hits

New York State is packed full of cars and trucks. In public environments, we cede a lot of space to vehicles and roadways, so the chances of pedestrian accidents occurring are high – and only likely to increase. In the majority of cases where a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the fault is going to lie with the vehicle driver. If they did not follow the laws of the road or they were not paying attention, you'll have a strong case to bring against them when seeking compensation.

Other Pedestrians

You were probably thinking that, when it comes to pedestrian knockdowns, cars and trucks are always involved. While they're a common sight in these scenarios, there are times when other pedestrians are actually to blame. Cyclists, skateboarders, runners, and other pedestrians cause knockdown incidents all the time, and these can result in serious injury for the affected party. If a cyclist strays from the cycle lane into a pedestrian sidewalk, they are acting negligently and would be to blame for any resulting injury. We can help you bring about justice for these incidents.

Covering Damages

When people are struck down during a pedestrian accident, they often suffer serious injuries that take plenty of time to recover from. That means that they don't just need their medical costs covered, but they need the offending party to pay for lost earnings and possibly pain and suffering too. We will come up with a comprehensive strategy to ensure that you get everything you're entitled to.

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