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Verdicts and Settlements for Clients

Preparing the case for trial, from day one, is the key to a large settlement or success at trial.

  • $ 3,170,000 Medical Malpractice

    Settled on the eve of the trial. Our client suffered a catastrophic stroke. We successfully settled his medical malpractice case for this very favorable sum.  Read On

  • $ 261,200 Slip & Fall

    DaSilva: A Brooklyn Jury agrees with Norm Steiner and awards our client $261,200 for a broken ankle. The Steiner Law Firm, PLLC takes pride in keeping our sidewalks safe for our community. Verdict against a Landlord who did nor clear ice and snow. Read On

  • $ 1,200,000 Premises Liability

    Lead Poisoned Infant   A Landlord allowed a hazardous lead paint condition to exist in the client's building. Norm Steiner obtained a very favorable verdict for the child. Read On

  • $ 700,000 Medical Malpractice

    O'Conner v Hospital: An Ulster County Jury agrees with Norm Steiner and awards our client's estate $700,000.00 for bedsores our client sustained as he was in his final weeks of life fighting cancer at the Defendant's Hospital. Bed Sores should never occur. Read On

  • $ 250,000 Slip & Fall

    McPhaul v Mutual Life Insurance:    A Brooklyn Jury agrees with Norm Steiner and awards our client $250,000.00 after our client fell and sustained injuries on the wet floor of the Defendant's lobby. Read On

  • $ 500,000 Medical Malpractice

    Wodzensky v MD and Physician's Assistant:   A Suffolk County Jury agrees with Norm Steiner and awards our client $500,000.00 for medical malpractice. Our client was not properly treated after a crush injury to his finger. Unfortunately, he lost a part of his finger due to the Defendant's malprac... Read On

  • $ 140,000 Car Crash

    Our client was struck by another car.  Our client was injured. At first, the insurance company laughed at the claim and refused to pay anything. We brought a motion and the court faulted the other driver with 100% of the liability. We next engaged in Court Ordered and supervised settlement talks.... Read On

  • $ 165,000 Wrongful Arrest

    NYPD responded to a “radio run” and proceeded to overreact causing our client significant injuries. The City settled for $165,000.00 Read On

  • $ 900,000 Motorcycle / Tractor Trailer Collision

    Settled Eve of Trial     Our client, an avid motorcyclist, had a very unfortunate collision with a Tractor Trailer. After careful consideration of the best venue, we brought the action in El Paso's West Texas Federal Court. After multiple depositions, careful accident reconstruction, and thoroug... Read On

  • $ 400,000 Bouncer Too Rough With Bar Customer

    Our client was tossed out of a famous bar at a casino by bouncers who reacted to erroneous perceptions. They fractured his ankle.  We chose the right venue and defendants and sued the establishment, alleging that it was negligent and vicariously liable for the conduct of its bouncers.  The jury s... Read On

  • $ 85,000 Car Crash

    Our client was struck by a negligent driver as our client was operating their motor vehicle. The negligent defendant driver only had $25,000.00 of his own insurance available. Our firm's thorough knowledge of available insurance pockets allowed us to dig deep and ultimately settle this case with ... Read On

  • $ 225,000 Wrongful Arrest

    Our client was wrongly arrested. After Norm handled the criminal case where the jury found the client not guilty, Norm sued the City of New York in Federal Court. The City ultimately settled and paid the client $225,000.00 for the wrongly brought case. Read On

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