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Norman Steiner in the News.

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Norm files against NYPD after cops allegedly beat and tasered a former Golden Gloves champion in the aftermath of the George Floyde tragedy

Norm jumped to the defense of a former Golden Gloves chanp who is also a community youth leader after his unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and his being assaulted. Norm had all charges dismissed and ultimately obtained a large confidential settlement from the City for the Civil Rights violations.

Norm fights terrorist funding in Federal Court

When the US Government appeared to be circumventing laws in a way that allowed other governments to fund terror, Norm Steiner took action by filing a case against then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Brooklyn man acquitted of Murder in J'Ouvert festival shooting

In a sad and tragic case, Norm's jury returned a verdict of not-guilty. After the acquittal, Norm's comment to the NY Post was “Even though not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter seems like a huge victory, there are no winners here.

NYPD Detective charged with pimping out a teen

After a NYPD detective was charged with pimping out a teen, Norm sued the City of New York on the teen's behalf. After Nor successfully defeated the City's motion for summary judgement, the City settled for an extremely large sum.

Wrongly convicted individual retains Norm for retrial and wins even though the Court required the client to wear a frightening get up in front of the jury

An individual wrongfully convicted won an appeal and retained Norm to do the retrial. As a result of what Norm believed were false allegations regarding conduct at the first trial, the client was forced by the Court to wear a frightening net and hood over his head throughout the trial. The impact of that could have caused the jury to convict solely on the client's appearance. Regardless, Norm passionately tried the case before the jury and his client was found not guilty of all charges. After the acquittal Norm told the NY Post: “His eyes portrayed a moment of restored humanity, he asked me to make sure I thanked the jurors for giving him a chance, despite how he looked.

Norm selected as a Super Lawyer for the NY Metro area

Using a patented selection process, Super Lawyers selects the top 5% of Attorneys to be listed as Super Lawyers. Norm is honored to be amongst this elite group of Super Personal Injury Lawyers.

Rape charge against accused ‘black Hitler' dropped

In a case that attracted national news attention, Norm had Rape charges filed against his client dismissed.

A potential Juror's honestly got him Contempt of Court charges

When a juror voiced his honest hesitation to serve on a jury, based on his own prior experiences, the Judge lodged Contempt charges against him. The juror quickly retained Norm who came to the juror's defense and beat all charges.

“It's a huge victory — they were facing 200 years,'' said their lawyer, Norman Steiner

A fed up family was accused of taking things into their own hands and charged with kidnapping their own children from the City's Foster Care system. The case drew national attention after the family went missing and were found in a van out of state. Norm negotiated a deal that had serious felony charges that carried with multi century prison sentence potential reduced to a misdemeanor

Norm drops a Federal Discrimination suit on USA Boxing when they would not let him Box

As you'll see in the “About” section Norm is a Krav Maga Instructor and a competitive amateur boxer. When Norm signed up for a USA Boxing sanctioned bout the origination pulled the plug 3 days before the fight since Norm is an amputee. Norm immediately brought a discrimination action in Federal Court. He won the Court case (and the fight)!

Building Owner charged with manslaughter in a construction related tragedy

At a time when cranes were collapsing and people were getting killed in construction incidents, Kings County chose to indict a building owner for manslaughter. The building owner retained Norm. Norm believed the matter was entirely civil in nature and should not be in criminal court.

The United States Federal Court agrees with Norm Steiner

"The United States Federal Court agrees with Norm Steiner and denies New York City's request for summary judgement after one of it's former detectives violated Norm's client's civil rights."

In a sad and tragic case, Norm represented an individual charged with murder

In a sad and tragic case, Norm represented an individual charged with murder at the Jouvet festival. Not Guilty of Murder, Nor guilty of Manslaughter."

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